Housesitting Petsitting in North Queensland

Housesitting Experience Owners, Debbie & Joe

It Was Their Destiny… 

30 years ago, Jozef was set to ski instruct in Val D’Isere, France. Debbie was just hired to manage a ski shop in Winter Park, Colorado. As fate would have it, they both ended up instead meeting in the ski resort of Keystone, Colorado USA.

Being new to the area, each had adventurous friends bring them along to a Christmas party where Debbie noticed Jozef and his fellow “wild and crazy Czechoslovakian/Australian” buddy telling jokes around the kitchen table. Their captivating accents and off-beat humour caught her attention. Debbie’s skin tight jeans and western style belt with a fancy silver heart buckle caught Jozef’s eye.

After exchanging some interesting insights about what they had both learned about life, Debbie knew there was something about this guy… when she walked out of the room, he walked right up to her, pulled her towards him and planted his lips squarely onto hers.

Debbie Thought to Herself… WHO IS THIS GUY???

Three decades later, the adventure has been non-stop! Two souls who seemed to  have made an agreement in a previous life have now traveled extensively through the United States of America, Western and Eastern Europe, Mexico, Canada and recently, Australia and New Zealand. They’ve skied, hiked, biked, motorcycled  and driven across thousand of miles in search of adventure, excitement and once in a lifetime experiences.

They’ve also experienced the stress of everyday life while raising a family, care taking elders, financial overload, small business ownership, injuries, floods and fighting insurance companies. Now, as they’ve reach their “sunset years”, they’ve discovered the magic of housesitting/petsitting as an affordable, exciting and fulfilling way to continue the adventure.

After successful careers and entrepreneurial ventures in Colorado, USA, Jozef and Debbie have divested of just about everything they own and decided to start a fresh new life on the other side of the world, leaving the familiarity of place, family and friends in order to follow their dreams of beaches, seafood and “the good life”.

AND they’ve found it… The Good Life, that is!

With all the craziness that is going on in the world, Debbie and Jozef have a passion and purpose to help others escape the madness of stress-filled lives, over-extended credit and unhealthy lifestyles. Their mission is to open up minds to NEW, more sustainable and fulfilling ways of thinking, working and living. They are living what they teach and are convinced there is a better way.

After close to two years successfully travelling Australia from one home to another, they are sharing what they’ve learned, the resources and people they have found in their travels and are thrilled to be offering a housesitting and petsitting membership website, quality products and services that are valuable, affordable and life-changing… Especially for those people who are fed up with ways that no longer serve them, their families, their communities and their planet!

So we say…. Dump the Mortgage   Dump the Rent   Dump the Stuff & Live Life through HOUSESITTING!

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