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January 13, 2012 4:51 am

Happy Home/Pet Owner Experience – Advantages – Benefits – Join – 

Home and Pet Owner:

Home Owner and Pet Owner at Home

Who Can Care for Your Pet Like You?

There are many advantages and benefits to Home & Pet Owners like you for leaving your home, property and pets in the hands of capable and trustworthy House/Pet Sitters like our members while you are away. The majority of our Home Owners do have pets and if you’re trying to decide what is best for you and your pet, you are definitely on the right page!  Some of the advantages using house/petsitters are obvious, but there may be a few on the list you weren’t aware of.

Experience is our favorite verb, Pet is our favorite Noun!

Just to point out one major advantage when you join House Sitting Experience is that we have decades of practical knowledge, skills and experience in property management and maintenance, global travel, community networking, home and pet ownership, house and pet sitting as well as digital media and marketing. As a member, you will enjoy the advantage of getting FREE access to all we have learned in order to have a successful house sitting experience. We have plenty of tips and strategies you can implement which you’ll find nowhere else. We have created a cutting edge membership website designed to connect you with just the right housesitters for your needs… where ever you are in the world, quickly and easily!

Fast, Easy, Effective and Safe!

Our website is technically streamlined to have the perfect house/pet sitters come to you instead of having to search for hours through a a long list of profiles or ads, which saves you valuable time and frustration. When you place a secure listing on our site, we don’t show any exact location details so your location is ambiguous, which protects your privacy. We also do not print or reveal your direct contact details unless YOU want to reveal them. All initial contact is made securely through the site. We don’t allow direct contact details in listings or profiles. If a homeowner and house sitter want to make contact, they must both be members to exchange contact information via email via our website. Exactly the advantage we offer: We like fast, easy, effective and safe… and know you do too! 

What’s better than a WIN/WIN/WIN? (House Owner/ Pet / House Sitter)

Take a quick glance at the pet sitting advantages and benefits below:

  • You won’t have to pay for pet care through a kennel or a cattery, offering you some significant savings (for example, our latest research shows a cattery charges $1000.00 for a month)!
  • Your pets are usually calmer, more balanced  and less stressed when left in the comfort of their own surroundings, offering you greater peace of mind while you’re away.
  • Your pets often remain healthier when not exposed to other animals in a kennel setting so that you have less health issues to deal with upon your return and in the future. Daily pet feeding and exercise routines need not be interrupted
  • You’ll feel less guilt since there is a caring person around to handle the small health issues or to take your pet to the vet if there is a more serious problem and in a timely manner. 
  • You’ll just feel happier all around knowing that litter boxes get changed, food and drink is fresh, fun is had, attention is paid, exercise happens for your beloved pets. 

The list of house sitting advantages and benefits are quite extensive:

  • Your home looks and IS “lived in”, which is good for security, as a theft deterrent and your home insurance company will love you. (In fact, it is standard for many insurance companies to charge you extra premium or drop your policy if you leave your home empty over 30 days.)
  • Any “emergency issues” that may come up are promptly noticed and handled for you (for example the garden sprinkler that went awry at the 600 acre ranch we cared for last winter.)
  • You’ll actually save TONS of money by not having to hire mowers, cleaners, gardeners. You won’t have to replace indoor or outdoor plants or ask the neighbors to step in. Your valuable property is kept looking good!
  • If you run a business out of your home, Housesitters can be asked to take care of small business tasks that keep things running smoothly or deliver a few products when needed. Or perhaps you just might like to be alerted to an important phone call, a package being delivered or a bill that needs paid. 
  • If you have a family member who lives on or close to the property who might need looked in on, Housesitters may be happy to do that for you (For example, we’ve popped in on grandma now and then, who lived in a “mother-in-law” apartment down below).
  • If you live in areas of temperature extremes, Housesitters can prevent moldy, smelly things from growing inside the house from too much heat OR broken water pipes from freezing temperatures.
  • You’ll gain a bit more peace of mind from the fact that someone is in your home to take action in case of natural disasters like flooding, fire or high winds.
  • Your home is in great shape when you return… often better than when you left it …when you discover just the right people for the job at House Sitting Experience!

All this just to say … Your peace of mind while you are away taking care of other things or seeking a wonderful vacation is what we are passionate about!

And did we happen to mention it’s absolutely FREE for you to join? No Risk, Just Solutions!

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