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January 13, 2012 4:57 am

Happy House Sitter Experience – Advantages – Benefits – Join –  

House Sitter Dream Home

Happy House Sitter's Dream HomeHappy Housesitter Experience - Advantages - Benefits - Join -


House & Pet Sitters: 

There are many advantages and benefits to House sitting and Pet sitting.  The majority of our Home Owners do have pets, so if you are a pet lover, you have a  definite advantage, however, if you’re not, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for you! Some of the advantages of house/pet sitting are obvious, but there may be a few on the list you weren’t aware of.

Experience is our favorite verb, House sitters are our favorite people!

The first advantage we would like to point out is EXPERIENCE: ENJOY the benefits of our decades of experience at internet based education and services, global networking, real property maintenance & management, world travel, house / pet sitting and pet ownership. This unique combination of skills and experience has been passionately embedded in every inch of this membership website and gives you the advantage of our knowledge and practical skills when it comes to setting up a WIN/WIN/WIN for all involved in your house sitting experience. As a registered member, you will, without a doubt, drastically increase your own chances of success, once you implement the skills, advice and strategies we offer.

For such a small investment, the tremendous value you will receive from our unique combination of cutting edge data filtering and friendly social networking functionalities created for your ease and convenience, both here on this website and elsewhere, will blow your mind! We have plenty of tips and strategies you can implement that you’ll find nowhere else, once you join. Your membership is specifically designed to connect you with just the right Home/Pet  Owners to meet your requirements… where ever you are in the world, quickly and easily! 

Fast, Easy, Effective and Fun!

Our website is technically streamlined for you to have the perfect house/pet owners come to you instead of having to search for hours through a a long list of profiles or ads, which saves you valuable time and frustration. You’re in control! When you place your secure profile and listing on our site, we won’t show exact personal, contact or location details, which protects your privacy. We also will not send your direct contact details to a home owner, only your nickname, unless you decide to reveal it when you apply for a sit.  All initial contact is made securely through the site. If a homeowner and house sitter want to make contact, they must both be members to exchange contact information via email via our website. If MAGIC then happens between you and a prospective home owner, then we’ve done what we’re great at… connecting you.  It’s then your turn to show ’em what you’re good at… by all means, show ’em your stuff and HAVE FUN!

When you get the gig (it’s way too cool to call a “job”), your details and openings obviously change. No need to wait for us to change the info. This website is designed for you to make the changes needed in real time… your time. 

What’s better than a WIN/WIN? (House Sitter/House Owner)

Check out our list of house sitting and pet sitting advantages below:

  • Cost savings: You don’t have to pay for accommodation or utilities, offering you significant savings, whether you’re wanting long term, short term or holiday stays, nearby or in exotic places! Can you figure out what to do with that extra money? Thought so! (It has allowed us to travel over 35,000 km, experiencing some of the most beautiful beaches and entrancing countryside in East Australia while not paying a cent for accommodation. And you know the price of Gas!)
  • De-stress: When you’re not having to go, go go to keep the money coming in, you’ll find more time for exploring, relationships, hobbies, writing, reading, exercise and FUN! (We have been very lucky to live in some gorgeous homes with pools, gyms, bicycle paths, beaches, fruit and vegetable gardens, jacuzzi tubs and cappuccino machines! Does it get any better than that???)
  • Feel at home: As opposed to staying at hotels, camping or caravaning, you have a real home and sometimes they are truly luxurious! No worries about cold, heat, bad weather. No need to constantly “eat out” unless you love to explore local culinary food and drink. (Many of our stays included amazing fruit trees and yummy vegetable gardens at our disposal. YUM!)
  • Explore, learn and grow: By living in different places in your own country or the world you can discover new ways of thinking and being, see different cultures and customs, not as a tourist, but as a “local”. (I had a few life altering spiritual experiences while living in an old cabin in the heart of the Queensland Hinterland… eye-opening for a Colorado city girl:)
  • Connect with more confidence: Although remote communication technology has come a long way, it still can be challenging and unreliable trying to stay “plugged in” to the internet. So if you can’t function without it, most homes are “wired” or wi-fi’d and therefor more reliable as well as cheaper than many of the alternatives when traveling. ( We LIVE on the internet, so we have found most home owners are willing to work with us on that.) Big Screen TV’s and killer stereo systems seem to be standard in homes these days as well… just sayin’.
  • Pet Lover’s Paradise: For those of you who love the company of animals like we do, petsitting is a great way to get your “pet fix” without so much of the hassle. For the most part they are already well trained and happy to be at home. All you do is lay out the food and water, a bit of attention and some exercise in return for the entertainment and unconditional love they so willingly provide. Kind of like being the grandparents… you give them back at the end of the stay. :)

And did we happen to mention it’s just US$55.00 for you to join? No Risk, Just Solutions and FUN!

Simply CLICK HERE NOW to Register and we’ll immediately email you with the next steps

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