House-Petsitting Heaven…How to Win the Ultimate Gig!

January 7, 2012 2:58 am

Ultimate Housesitting Experience

Capture the Perfect Housesitting Experience!


When you’re a caring, trustworthy and reliable house sitter / pet sitter, you’ll WIN the ultimate gig!

When you make the decision to housesit regularly, it’s often a lifestyle choice. It’s a mindset that works best when the best interests of all involved in such a unique transaction are top of mind. If your intention is to offer your best to the homeowner, that positive energy flows through and you end up attracting to you the most AMAZING people, homes, properties and animals into your life! 

At least, that’s what happened with us as well as other housesitters who have shared their stories. 

This is our true story:

Just take a look at the property above. It’s a 600 acre sustainable cattle ranch situated in the gorgeous green rolling hills of the Noosa Hinterland. The multimillion dollar Bali type home had a master suite on one end and a separated 3 bedroom, 3 bath bungalow at the other, with some of the most quality stone, marble, glass and wood construction you have ever seen in between. It had a “skullery” in the main house with every kitchen appliance you could want including a commercial grade expresso machine. But for entertaining, the “serving kitchen” was open to the HUGE living/dining area. Just about every door to the outside was on wheels in order to open up to the unbelievable gardens and nature that enveloped this amazing piece of heaven on earth. 

The home had a central heating and cooling system with thermostats in almost every room, beautifully decorated rooms, incredible views from every window and door, lush tropical gardens surrounding the extensive wood decks, awesome entertainment centres, internet data and speed to die for and a manmade lilly pond filled with pool water for the small kids to play in. We still had a house cleaner that came each week to clean the main part of the house, a pool man, a lawn man, a ranch manager who looked after the cattle and a professional gardener. Our job was just to oversee the workers, grab the mail, and take good care of “Charlie”,  the black Labrador and for a shorter time, Stella, the homeowner’s daughter’s dog.

We picked up our jaws once they hit the floor!

When we first applied for this sit through a housesitting site, we had NO idea that this future home was SO INCREDIBLE! My hubby Joe and I just knew we loved the area as a result of our very first housesitting adventure not far from this location. When the owners called us on our mobile after getting our application to sit through the website, we had little knowledge of the magnitude of the opportunity. But we were one of the first to respond to their listing, which is the MOST VALUABLE tips we can offer you in being successful! “The early bird gets the worm”, as they say! 

The conversation by phone and email ensued but it was when the homeowners sent off photo’s of their place, taken by a professional photographer, Joe and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor!

We hit the mother load! 

It turned out to be a most INCREDIBLY positive housesitting experience! In retrospect, we have learned that timing played a BIG part in it. Timing IS so important when it comes to getting the housesits and petsits that suit your needs! But even more important in our mind is the motivation and mindset that guides you along your house sitting and/or petsitting journey. 

We honestly see that we are offering valuable services and solutions to a very unique community in a WIN/WIN/WIN way; homeowner and pet owner is going away and wants to provide successfully  for their home, property and animals; animal just wants to survive and thrive under new and different conditions than they are used to and simply want to be in their comfort zone; housesitter is pleased to exchange their gifts of security, maintenance, cleanliness and animal care for the luxury of a home with no rent or utility costs, while exploring the area and its people. 

What an AMAZING trade off! Join here to get started!



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