Who’s Minding the Cool Cats? Consider a Sitter!

January 2, 2012 7:02 am

Petsitting the cats

Blue Eyes Gets a House Sit

Not So Cool Home and Pet Owners Have Legitimate Concerns.

One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from homeowners who haven’t yet arranged for house/petsitters is that they want reasonable assurance that their pets will be well taken care of. People love their pets (wild or domesticated) and feel good when they are well looked after in their own environment by pet loving housesitters when they’re away.

But they’re nervous about someone they don’t know.

Totally understandable!

It’s great if we already know someone whom we can trust our homes and pets to, but more often than not, we just don’t. We’re just saying… DON’T let that stop you. We can help!

We know there are MANY good, trustworthy, responsible, pet loving people in the world who are just waiting for the perfect living situation, happy to trade a bit of care in exchange. Compared to taking your furry babies to the kennel or the caterie, it’s an amazing cost savings as well as some extra peace of mind.

Comments from experienced home/pet owners

So here are three experiences from real homeowners who got over the fear and will be back looking for another housesitting experience:

  1. “We found prospective housesitters by joining an online housesitting – petsitting website that connects us with savvy, fun-loving people all over the world and all over the net. Decent people with an evolved lifestyle, positive frame of mind and zest for exploration, adventure and travel. A community that works on trust and WIN/WIN. A place where people love nature and animals. That’s half the battle. After many replies to our home and pet listing, we had plenty of people to talk to by phone or internet to get a feel for them. We listened to our intuition and chose the final candidate for our needs. Turned out GREAT! So glad we tried!”
  2. “My husband and I agreed that we wanted to meet prospective housesitters in person at our home if at all possible so that we could watch how our dogs would react to them. If our two monsters reacted favorably, we would consider them for the job. We first narrowed the field down by how they responded to our listing through an internal email system that protected our real identity and address. (We really like that feature.) Then we invited them to meet us in out home. They got the once over from our dogs and we knew right away that they were the right people to take care of our house and dogs. They proved us right and have no qualms with doing it again (especially if those sitters can come back).” 
  3. “My precious baby would drop dead in a catterie, are you kidding? But what to do? I had to go on a business trip and the young lady I normally had sit with “the queen” while I was away moved. My sister apologetically refused the job and Aunt Millie was just getting too old, so I was panicked! My friend told me about the housesitting site and encouraged me to join it and look for someone online. I was sceptical, but in a real bind, so I joined and listed my available home and pet. Immediately I received some interest and lucked out by being connected with a great woman to mind my my happy home and cherished kitty cat. It’s freeing to know that I’m not so limited to family or neighbours to “do me a favor”. 
These are but a few of the comments from homeowners who have found a great solution for their home and pet needs using housesitting memberships. That peace of mind is what will turn you and your pet into “Cool Cats”.

So next time…consider a Sitter… No Fear… Just Love!





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